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About Me


Cheyane is a Vancouver based designer. Recently graduated from UBC BFA Theatre Design and Production program, she is most interested in scenic design and carpentry. She participates in different theatrical and film productions as a production designer and scenic builder to expand her creative knowledge. In addition, she uses her photography skills to document natural landscapes and modern architecture to help transform designs into reality. Theatre is a great place to learn and build a strong foundation; there are more out there, so keep exploring all mediums to create greater entertainment.


Beyond Cheyane’s education at UBC, she is actively involved in her community. She works as a videographer and video editor for her church’s online service during the pandemic and provides a virtual space for fellowship to stay connected. Delving into multiple media opens limitless possibilities in her creative process and she will adapt to any challenges ahead. She is excited to collaborate with people from different disciplines to widen her creative horizon.

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